PrayStrong Comfort Water Bottle

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  • 17-oz stainless steel water bottle
  • Inspiring "Comfort" design
  • Be a voice of love and comfort
  • Ideal for office, classroom, or gym
  • Designed and produced exclusively by PrayStrong

The serene "Comfort" design reminds you to speak words of comfort and encouragement to your neighbor. With 17-oz capacity and insulation to keep your water cold and prevent sweating, this stainless steel water bottle will serve you well wherever you take it. Displaying the word "COMFORT" in bold letters, overlaid by "Encourage one another" in small black script, it ensures that you'll never forget this key virtue in your daily struggle for holiness.

© Copyright 2020 Trinity Road LLC/by PrayStrong

17 oz.
Stainless steel with white gloss coating
Double wall to eliminate condensation
Hand wash recommended